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Big Ideas: With Lily Cole

Anónimo asked:
So I read Dark Phoenix Saga and after I read Days of Futures Past. Where do you recommend I go from there in the X-Men universe?


So, you have come to the end of the Claremont & Byrne era of the X-Men. What you are looking for? The big epic tales? Single issues, or trades? Comics were not really being written in overreaching arcs, with titles that made them easy to group at the time. This is not the simplest of answers.

The next major event would be Fall of the Mutants, but before that you have art runs by Cockrum, Paul Smith (one of the best X-Men artists ever), and John Romita jr’s introduction to the X-Men. You can get this in the various Uncanny X-Men Omnibus, but I am not sure in regards to smaller books. It can also be found on Marvel Unlimited.

You will see the Brood,. The Morlocks are introduced. Madelynne Pryor is introduced. Rachel & Rogue become X-Men. Storm loses her powers.


Around 200, we see the introduction of Nathan Summers, and Cyclops’ exit from the team.

You get the years with Storm as the leader, and Magneto’s first attempt at reforming.

Then we get Fall of the Mutants

The X-Men fight the Adversary.The story ends with the world believing them dead. They gain the Siege Perilous from Merlin’s daughter, Roma. This will begin the Outback Years.

That leads to Inferno, and the fall of Madelynne Pryor

From here, we start the closeout of this era. Jubilee is introduced. Jim Lee draws his first issue of X-Men. The Reavers come to town, and the demise of the X-Men as they existed began.

This is the beginning of the 90s X-Men, as Forge and Banshee rebuild the team, and search for the lost X-Men.

Everything comes together the X-tinction Agenda. The X-Men are reborn, and X-Factor will decide to rejoin the main family. Cyclops will become the leader of the X-Men again, as the march to become the powerhouse team they are now begins. 

I started just after the X-Tinction Agenda ended, and then worked my way back over the years. This is where they X-Men began as most modern readers know them today.